We have talked about how you can remember the parts of the Constitution by


The first part is the Preamble-

It is 52 words long, and one giant sentence. It's the introduction or the opening to the new plan of government outlined by the Founding Fathers in 1787.

You need to know this Preamble. The best way is to watch and live this video- buy it off Itunes and put it on your Ipod!

The second part, and actually almost the whole Constitution is called "The Articles".

The word articles means sections- DO NOT confuse this with the government before the Constitution that was called the Articles of Confederation, and what we called the A of C in class.

There are 7 Articles in total. The first 3 Articles are each about the 3 Branches of Government.

The last 4 Articles are about amending the Constitution, etc.

Three Ring Government- America Rock