George III, Viva La Vida Parody song

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Jacob and Patrick's glog- ‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍Please leave them feedback!‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍

Wow! Great Job! Your glog had very good explanations, but it wasn't all just words and explanations. There were very interesting and cool pictures. I love how you did a heart next to George and Princess Charlotte because it shows the relationship between them. The funny picture of the smiley face caught my eye right away. King George seemed like a good guy, but the colonist didn't think so. Compared to John, George was liked by his own people and he didn't do as much damage to England as John did.

-Lizzy C.

Julia and Lacey's glog- ‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍Please leave them feedback‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍

Julia and Lacey,
I really enjoyed viewing your glog and listening to your song. I liked that you took the position that King George wasn't as bad as the colonists said he was because it's important to look at all perspectives. The patriots, led by Sam Adams and others, really whipped up the people of Boston against the king. To me, it seems like George and the Parliament ignored the fact that the colonists were really British citizens and took away their basic rights. As my students know from their knowledge of the Magna Carta, the British were very proud of those rights so it was a big insult for the colonists to be ignored. While it is true that Britian had to pick up the cost of the French and Indian War, the Parliament should remember that they didn't have to have fought the French (again) and they could have saved the money by working out a treaty. I bet many colonists would have gotten over the burden the taxes posed on them had King George allowed them to represented in Parliament. "No taxation without representation" became a huge deal that could have been settled. All in all, I think things worked out just fine for the colonists and King George!

-Mr. Goldstein

Julia and Lacey-
Hey you guys! Overall, I think you have a very appealing glog! It grabbed my attention and kept it there with the fun background and moving pictures. Your information was just as good – it informed me in short, easy to read bubbles. I appreciated the “important” sticker with the moving arrow on one of the bubbles, too, so I made sure I read it! Nice job on this glog, hope you guys liked making it!
-Isabella M

Mason and Ethan's glog Please leave them feedback

Mason and Ethan,
I really enjoyed learning about King George III from your glog. It was really interesting to look at and I like the background color you decided to use. I also like the pictures you incorporated into your glog they helped me to understand more about King George and what he did to make some people think he was a bad guy and others thinking that he wasn't so bad. The song and video that you posted on your glog really summed up everything and painted the whole picture. Before looking at your glog and the video I can honestly say that I didn't remember much about King George III but after viewing your glog I realize that I knew more than I thought and you guys taught me important facts that I should know about him. Really Great Job! Keep up the Good Work!
~Alanna Goldy =)

Alex, Angelo and Cam's glog- Please leave them feedback

Wow. Excellent job, guys! Your glog not only included great information, but it was also very appealing to look at. The song that you included was very clever and a nice touch. I remember learning about King George way back in 5th Grade. What’s cool, is that you can look at a historical figure in two ways. They can either be honored or praised for all their achievements, or frowned upon for all of the bad things that they did. Anyway, the pictures and videos that you included really fit in well with your presentation. Overall, great job!!
-Simran Poudyal :D

Alex, Cameron and Angelo, I really enjoyed your glog .You guys did a very good job. You a song that was very catchy, it was a nice addition. Your glog helped me remember what I had learned in 5th grade about King George. I also liked how you wrote the speech bubbles as you were King George, so in the third person. The pictures and videos that you included also fit in well with your presentation. It was very interesting to learn that King George was also a good guy, because when we learned about the Magna Carta a few weeks ago, we learned that not many people liked King George. Great Job!
~Stefanie Sack