Cortez and Pizarro/Aztecs, Incas, Mayas Power point
Show what you’ve learned about these two Spanish conquistadors
  • Use the green note sheet, your AMI cards, a red social studies book, or the paperback Exploration and Conquest to find information.
  • You MUST show your knowledge from all five vocabulary cards (conquistador, polytheistic, civil war, Quetzacoatl, and Tenochtitlan) by using these words and showing what they mean
Insert NO PICTURES until you’ve done all your typing
Slide one- title page
Slide two- cut and paste these standards into the slide
5.2 Identify the three major pre-Columbian civilizations that existed in Central and South America (Maya, Aztec, and Inca) and their locations. Describe their political structures, religious practices, and use of slaves.

5.4 Explain why the Aztec and Inca civilizations declined in the 16th century.
A. the encounters between Cortez and Montezuma
B. the encounters between Pizarro and the Incas
C. the goals of the Spanish conquistadors
D. the effects of European diseases, particularly smallpox, throughout the Western hemisphere
For Slides 3-5- You should have a map that shows the location of these natives, and at least three bullets of information about them (see cards and standard)
Slide three- Aztecs
Slide four- Mayas
Slide five- Incas
For the conquistadors- tell which culture they attacked and how they succeeded in conquering them
Slide six- Cortez
Slide seven- Pizarro
Slide eight- conclusion slide, answer the following question in your slide
How did the Spanish explorers and conquistadors change Central and South America forever? (Where do we see the lasting effect of these conquistadors even in 2011?)